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One of the most memorable and photographed days of your life is fast approaching and as most things amazing, the day will fly by and all you will be left with will be beautiful memories and photographs. Here are a few tips to help you achieve radiant, camera ready skin for your
personalised makeup look.


Wedding Makeup Trials

The first step to achieving the perfect look for your special day is booking your makeup trial. In this consultation we will customise your makeup look to suit your style, eye colour and shape, skin type and tone, dress colour, flowers and bridesmaid dresses. All these factors are taken into consideration when choosing and coordinating your personalised makeup look. This also allows time for us to discuss any special requests or concerns you may have.
You should allow approximately 1½ hrs for you consultation and makeup trial. Makeup trials are carried out from my studio at a lower cost to help minimise the wedding costs. If you are unable to come to my studio for a trial I can come to you for a small travel fee depending on where you live.

Wedding day skin preparation tips

Your wedding day will probably go down as the most photographed day of your life, we spend time in the gym shaping our figures to look our best, so why not spend some time prepping your skin leading up to your big day. It would be ideal to start your skin prep 6 months before your wedding but it is never too late to start whether your wedding is 6 months or a week away:
For picture perfect glowing skin its worth following a few simple steps, after all, the makeup can only look as good as the canvas it’s placed on.
Follow a three step skin care routine, morning and night:
Choose good quality products that respond well to your skin. Do this ideally twice a day for best results, but night time is the most important to remove the days exposure. Always Always Always remove your makeup before bed!! Wearing makeup to bed will clog your pores and cause breakouts. Sleeping with mascara will break your lashes !!
Exfoliate once or twice a week. This will remove any dead dry skin cells to make room for a new youthful skin cells giving you a clearer softer complexion. Take it a step further and have a facial or mask treatment once or twice a month. Do not get a facial or peel less than 3 weeks before your wedding, this will give time to heel if any irritation occurs.

Food, Alcohol and Rest

Restrict yourself from fatty foods, alcohol, smoking and caffeine leading up to your wedding. Not only will your skin benefit but you will feel a million bucks. It can be stressful the week leading up to your wedding so try and rest up and relax as much as you can. Dark circles and puffy eyes are not the best look on your wedding day.


One of the most important things you can do for your skin is drink LOTS of water !!!
2 litres a day, the sooner you start this the better.


And you may kiss the bride……Very important right ?? Then so is lip preparation.
An easy cheap way to prep your lips:
Get a warm wet face cloth or soft tooth brush in the shower and rub your lips with it to remove dead flaking skin,not too hard, just enough to remove dead skin. Afterwards apply a lip balm to moisturize. Do this every night for a week before the day and keep your lips moisturized whenever possible. This will ensure clean luscious lips on your wedding day

Eyebrow Shaping

I can’t stress enough how important eyebrow shaping is. Good eye brows frame your face and can give you an instant face lift making your eyes pop!
A clean brow bone with a full arch will make a huge difference to your look on your wedding day. If you feel your brows have been over plucked, let them grow back and go to a professional and have them shaped.

Eyebrow and Lip Waxing

Make sure any facial waxing is done no less than 2 days before the day to ensure the skin has time to calm. Waxing removes a fine layer of skin which can make it impossible for the makeup to adhere too.

Wedding Day

On your wedding day the only skin prep you should do is gently exfoliate your face in the shower. This will remove any oil, grime and dead skin cells so the makeup can adhere to new skin cells giving your makeup a longer life span. Moisturize. Do not put any makeup on, I know this sounds silly but it happens. If possible try not to wear any makeup the day before so your skin can breathe (This is not essential but every little bit helps).
When it is your turn to sit in the chair you should have had a bite to eat, brushed your teeth and given your mobile phone to someone who can take care of the phone calls. This is your time to relax and absorb what’s about to take place…Your Wedding !!